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Animal and environment infos Environment informations
Type Days in milk   day Temperature   °C
Breed Lactation No. Temperature (previous month)   °C
Age    month Milk production   kg/day Wind speed   km/month
Weight   kg Milk fat   % Heat stress
Days pregnant    day Milk protein   % Night cooling
Condition score Milk Lactose   %    
Age at first calving    month     Grazing
Calving interval   month Coat condition Grazing
    Hair depth   cm Topography Flat   Hilly
Calf body weight   kg     Distance (pasture - barn)   m
Calf temperature   °C     Number of tours   tour/day
Mature weight   kg Compute mature weight from breed    
Calf birth weight   kg Compute CBW from mature weight    
Desired average daily gain   gr/day Use computed target ADG
Feed groups and feeds to be selected
      Wet Grass/Legume         Dry Grass/Legume         Energy source         Protein         By-Products         Pelleted feeds         Vitamin-Mineral         Calf feeds

To delete the feeds one by one, select Select a feed option starting from the end! To disable the feeds that you selected without deleting, remove the check on the left side of the line!

  Feed group Feed name Feed (kg) DM (kg) Price ($) DM (%) TDN DE CP NDF Fat Ash Ca P
Animal and environment infos Feed infos Daily ration
Item Value Feed name Feed (kg) DM (kg) Price ($) Elements Requirement Ration Balance
            Dry matter (kg), Total      
            Forage rate      
            NEl (Mcal/day)      
            ME (Mcal/kg)      
            RDP, g/day      
            RUP, g/day      
            HP (RDP + RUP), g/day      
            HP, %DM      
            Metabolized protein, g/day      
            NDF Forage, (%DM)      
            NDF (%DM)      
            ADF (%DM)      
            NFC Maximum (%DM)      
            Calcium (Ca), Total      
            Phosphorus (P), Total      
            Ca/P value      
            Cation-Anion difference mEq/kg      
            Energy allowable milk      
            Protein allowable milk      
            Number of days for one CS      
Price ($) Int.Feed.No. DM TDN DE ME NEL_3 NEL_4X NEM_3X NEG_3X
Lignin Ash NFrakA NFrakB NFrakC KdB RUP Dig. Arg His Ile
Leu Lys Met Cys Phe Thr Trp Val Ca P
Mg K Na Cl S Co Cu I Fe Mn
Se Zn Mo A Vit D Vit E Vit        

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Online Dairy Ration Program

Version 1.1.16 (23 Nisan 2018)

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